Meet The Kids On The Block

Mark Riley

Mark Riley is 11 years old and attends Woodbury Elementary. He is an extrovert and is energetic. He likes to “pop wheelies” in his wheelchair or his “cruiser” as he calls it. His favorite thing to do is beat his twin brother, Michael in video games. He enjoys camping with his friend Renaldo and playing basketball.

Micheal Riley is 11 years old. He is Mark’s twin brother. He loves playing video games and watching TWITCH & Youtube game streaming.

Brenda Dubrowski

Brenda Dubrowski is 11 years old and is a girly girl. She loves pink and all things unicorn. She loves watching movies with her best friend, Melody. Brenda wants to be a hair dresser or clothing designer when she grows up.

Melody James

Melody James is 11 years old. She loves watching movies and playing games with her best friend, Brenda. She likes school and her favorite subject is reading. Melody takes dance classes in the afternoon. She confides in her brother Sean with issues she deals with.

Renaldo Rodriguez is 11 years old. Renaldo doesn’t let his visual impairment get in his way. He loves playing baseball and going camping with his best friend Mark. He loves music, especially rap and R&B. He loves reading and school.

Renaldo Rodriguez

Joanne Spinoza is 14 and loves her cat LP. Joanne is a little up tight and follows the rules. She is a hall monitor at her middle school. She is very organized and loved by her teachers. Her favorite subjects are science and math.

Joanne Spinoza

Nguyen Huy Nam

Nguyen Huy Nam is 11 years old. Nam is very trust worthy and loves to joke around; he’s considered the class clown by his teachers. He loves hanging out and joke around with his best friends, Sean and Jason. He tries to stay out of trouble but trouble often finds him.

Grandma lives and active lifestyle and enjoys her Mahjong club. Grandma is a retired educator and loves spending time with all the KIDS.

Grandpa is a reverend at a local church. He enjoys community work and being involved with local non profit organizations. He is willing to listen and be a friend to the KIDS if they ever need some guidance.



Kitty (LP) wants everyone to know he is the original LP. He does not understand why KIDs needs the other LP. We tried explaining that Handwashing & Good Manners are very popular scripts and he couldn’t possibly do all of them but he still won’t come out from under the bed .



LP2 enjoys napping in the sun, eating snackadoodles, and sleeping.

Sean James

John Sanchez is 13 years old. John can be considered an older wiser friend. He is the confidant to many of the KIDS. He helps out at the local YMCA and coaches some of the younger kids. Jason & Nam are two of his good friends.

Sean James is 13 years old. He often likes to give advice to his younger sister, Melody. Sean loves school and makes good grades in all of his classes; you could consider him to be the teacher’s pet. Sean love sports! Sometimes he gets roped in to playing video games with Melody.

Claire Sanchez is 11 years old. Claire is works on the school newspaper. She can be a bit bossy at times. She defends the underdog and considers herself to be a social justice warrior.

John Sanchez

Claire Sanchez

Jason Robinson is 11 years old. Jason is a big goof ball and loves hanging out with his friends. He tends to forget his homework and sometimes lets his ADHD get the better of him.

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