Our Executive Board 2023 – 2024

From left to right: President – Diane Mays, President Elect – Karyn Whittington, Recording  Secretary – Terri Bernhardt, Corresponding Secretary – Robyn Buechner, Treasurer – Carol Wasielewski, Vice Treasurer – Cheryl Pennock, Hospitality Co-Chairman – Barbara Hvasta, LP Kids on the Block Liaison – Leslie Darr, Ex-Officio and Junior One Co-Chairman – Judy Ashby, Parliamentarian and Junior One Co-Chairman – Judy Jones

2023- 2024 Board of Managers

Associate Chairman – Jane Harris
Cabaret Co-Chairmen – Pam Fleming, Meg Glass and Melanie Robertson
Cabaret Auction Co-Chairmen – Susan Culley, Leslie Darr and Terra McFadin
Database Chairman – Shelly Cheng
Family Night Special Project Co-Chairmen – Carol Harkess and Deborah McVeigh
Historian – Hope Dooner
Hospitality Co-Chairman – Terry McGee and Barbara Hvasta
Junior One Co-Chairmen – Judy Ashby, Judy Jones and Annie Taylor
LP Kids on the Block Liaison – Leslie Darr
Les Petities Chairman – Jan Gould
Les Passees Teen Chairman – Jan Gould
Les Passees Stock Exchange Co-Chairmen – Linda Aljundi, Judy Ashby, Meg Bowen, Robyn Buechner, Winnie Lange, Diane Mays, and Bobbie VanCleve
Les Passees Stock Exchange Finance Co-Chairmen – Anne Blevins and Mary Livesay
Liaisons for Grantees – Chris Conway and Jane Venters-Dike
Media Relations Chairman – Terra McFadin
Membership Co-Chairmen – Dena King and Ryan Harris
Nominations Chairman – Janine Carney
Program Co-Chairmen – Virginia Mathis and Vicki Spinosa
Sponsorship Chairman – Joyce Carter
Volunteer Service Chairman – Marta Vinzant
Ways and Means Chairman – Julia Panagon
Website – Winnie Lange