Serving Memphis Children for Over 100 Years

Les Passees is Memphis’ oldest non-profit women’s organization. Our members provide advocacy and support to enhance the quality of life for children and families in the Memphis community. Our charities receive 100% of donations made to Les Passees.

Les Passees Out & About in 2018-2019

Baptist Women’s Hospital affiliates with Sesame Street.  The
Universal Parenting Place at Baptist Women’s Hospital offers
their services at no charge to all parents and caregivers. Baptist
and Les Passees partner together to provide Healthy Habits
programs for Kids on the Block here in the Midsouth.

Les Passees grants Harwood Center $50,000.  Students, teachers,
and staff came out to receive the check.  Pictured are: student
Taylee Hale with Cheryl, JJ, student Maurice Webster with
Rachel Lauletta, Brender Gitter, Helena Powell, Harwood
Executive Director, LP members Suzanne Oliphant, Kathy Sapp,
Norann McManus, ad Harwood staff members Sarah Pruett and
Jamie Tolleth.

Mary Sexton, Kathy Sapp, and Suzanne Oliphant present the
Neighborhood Christian Center Executive Director, Ephie
Johnson, with $1,262, a gift from Les Passees members
collected at the December meeting.

Spending time with a Kids on the Block puppet

Ramping up for Stock Exchange


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