Les Passees Donation

From our President:

We appreciate your gift to Les Passees in support of the children and families in our community. Les Passees has a very long history of fundraising for many organizations from Crippled Children’s Hospital, Shelby County Tuberculosis Society, Red Cross, Maternal Welfare League, the Les Passees Treatment Center for Cerebral Palsied Children, Methodist/LeBonheur, MIFA, and the Harwood Center. In 1991, Les Passees established a program known as Kids On The Block which is a professional puppet show for children. The child-size puppets talk about their hopes and dreams and let their personalities show while they air their troubles and discuss social issues that affect today’s children. Kids On The Block reaches 25,000 area youth every year!

Your gift today supports the efforts of Les Passees to prepare new scripts for the Kids On The Block puppets as well as provide new puppets with special gifts to reach even more children. During the pandemic, videos provided even more opportunities to connect with more audiences. Performances are always free to our audiences.

Your gift from $10 and up will go toward all of the programs supported by Les Passees. Please join me this year to make this the very best year ever to provide help to our kids.

Thank you!